So you may have read my previous post about barbecue and generally how great of a state North Cackolackey is. I firmly believe this. However, our state is run by idiots seeking to destroy the American ideals in the name of those very same American ideals.

Basically, to the rest of the world on behalf of my beloved state: I am sorry.

Per an article in the Huffington Post, the so-called "Religion Bill" seeks to declare an official state religion (omg no way which one? Islam? Sikhism?) so as to be exempt from the Constitution and to prohibit court rulings that would enforce the First Amendment on government officials.

"Wait," you might say. "That's insane! This is some sort of late April Fools joke? It can't be real!" (It can, and it is). "Really?"

Under this law, the highest law in the land would be the North Carolina Constitution, infamous for its Amendment One, which, aside from making a really pretty (also, depressing) map of ignorance in North Carolina, permabanned same-sex marriage. We've been through that cringe-worthy display of public bigotry. Of course, the Constitution only had one amendment because any other discriminatory legislation was simply overruled by the United States Supreme Court.


Under what is basically a quasi-secessionist shift in policy, the so called "religion bill" would nullify any and all rulings made by the Supreme Court, which would bring us back to the policy in which no non-Christian could hold public office, a law ruled illegal in 1961 for painfully obvious reasons.

Of course, yelling "I'm rubber, you're glue" at the federal government would mean that NC would not be eligible for federal aid such as FAFSA, educational funding, social security, medicare, the list goes on- have I made my point?


Let's go ahead and take a look at the oh-so-brave Crusaders who sponsored that bill.


Unsurprisingly (and disappointingly for the GOP), they are both Republicans. Carl Ford (top) is a newbie to the State House, only voting twice so far, once against the expansion of medicare eligibility. Harry Warren (power bottom) on the other hand, has been around for some time, and has an absolutely cringe-worthy voting record. Remember that laughable bill that banned the scientific recording of sea levels on the NC coast? Yeah, that was this guy. He voted NAY on House Amendment 2, which was passed to compensate victims of the eugenics and forced sterilization practiced by the state until the latter half of the 20th century. "Seriously?" Yes. Seriously. I am certain you'll find more mortifying votes on the votesmart website. Oh, by the way, he has an 83% approval rating by the NRA. Cool guys, the NRA.

Now of course, there is no way in hell this will pass, even with the support of House Majority Leader Edgar Starnes. The fact of the matter is, there are at least a few decent politicians (yes, an oxymoron, ha-ha), and certainly enough of sound mind to avoid certain political suicide. Still, the fact that this is what people actually think.