Asheville Brewery Knee Deep in Blood After Terrible Band Plays Terrible Show

After what we can only describe as a terrible show featuring terrible bands with terrible venue etiquette, Asheville, NC favorite Lexington Avenue Brewery was less than amused when they found their venue covered in pigs' blood. The show was put on by local tattoo parlor Empire Tattoo. »6/25/14 11:02am6/25/14 11:02am

The history behind this says a lot about our current, scandalous level of inequality in the USA, too. The governor after whom this building was named, Aycock, was instrumental in re-imposing white supremacy in North Carolina. It's widely understood that Reconstruction ended in 1877, but its effects took much longer… »6/20/14 1:38pm6/20/14 1:38pm

NC Governor Signs Fast-Track Fracking Bill Amid Brazenly Poor Energy Policy

North Carolina is going through some tough times right now. As someone whose blog is supposed to cover Southern politics with merely a focus on his home here in the Carolinas, it gets to be pretty damn difficult to not have an inherent bias towards coverage of my home state, especially when the admittedly left-leaning… »6/05/14 12:58pm6/05/14 12:58pm

Cop Avoids Charge for Shooting Unarmed Young Black Man Who Sought Help

A North Carolina grand jury has decided not to indict a Charlotte police officer arrested last year for manslaughter after he unloaded 10 rounds from his pistol into a former college athlete who'd sought the officer's help. But the case might not stop there, according to prosecutors. »1/22/14 2:24pm1/22/14 2:24pm

Los Olvidados: The Government-Sanctioned Massacre at Tlatelolco, 1968, and Why You Don't (& Should) Know About It. (NSFW)

In 1968, as the Red Scare was in full swing and Mexico was preparing to host the Summer Olympics. The nation was mired in protests against the US-supported regime of Diaz Ordaz. On October 2nd, 10,000 students organized in La Plaza de Tres Culturas, a square in Districto Tlatelolco, in Mexico D.F. (Mexico City).… »10/22/13 6:26pm10/22/13 6:26pm

There are several people that go by the moniker DPR and several systems put in place, as everyone knew this day would come. William Ulbricht is being charged over a package intercepted containing fake identification as well as conspiracy to arrange the murder of a fellow Silk Road employee who threatened to leak the… »10/02/13 12:40pm10/02/13 12:40pm

North Carolina's Randolph County Board of Education is reconsidering its decision to ban the Ralph E

North Carolina's Randolph County Board of Education is reconsidering its decision to ban the Ralph Ellison novel Invisible Man for having questionable literary value. The Courier-Tribune reports that at the hearing to ban the book "there was no indication during the discussion if [the board] had all read it." »9/20/13 1:58pm9/20/13 1:58pm